Welcome Letter

Greetings and thank you for your interest in the Russia-China Investment Fund.

The Russia-China Investment Fund is evidence of the outstanding results of increased economic cooperation, trade and investment between Russia and China. The leaders of both nations have recognized the substantial gains from their economic relationship and have pledged to forge stronger ties.

China is now Russia’s largest trade partner while Russia is China’s fastest-growing major trade partner, with trade volume between the two countries reaching nearly $107 billion in 2018 (+27.1 % YoY, which was ranked the No.1 of China's top ten trading partners) and could reach $200 billion by the year 2020.

The development of trade has corresponded with increased cross-border investment, which is the cornerstone of our economic relationship. Investors in both countries are moving beyond traditional areas of cooperation and are cultivating new fields of mutual investment. In 2011, the China Investment Corporation recognized the potential of the Russian economy by making investments in the financial sector, while Russian companies have increasingly been looking East to China. We look forward to many more such pioneering investments in the years to come.


While strong economic growth in both countries certainly will produce many domestic opportunities for productive investments, we believe particularly promising transactions will be found in deals that capitalize on the Russia-China relationship. We look toward the huge potential for mutually beneficial growth in sectors such as infrastructure, logistics, food and agriculture, natural resources, financial services, and consumer goods and services.

We look forward to a prosperous future together. 

Kirill Dmitriev

               Hu Bing